Chef's special pasta course (salmon cream)

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It is tax of 1480 yen.

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Let 's get the pasta which was rich with salmon and cream, but also on courses!


Chef's special appetizer with seasonal vegetables, salad, soup

Main salmon cream

You can choose the type of noodles from spagettini (basic noodles somewhat thinner than spaghetti) - homemade handmade Tariatelle (flat noodles of Fitchine type).

Omunjuu on a monthly basis (chocolate in February is chocolate · The chocolate is in the street and it is very tasty!)

Chiffon cake of reservation privilege (For those who are worried because they are different every other week, go to the staff!)

Drink (You can choose coffee, tea, iced or hot.)

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before 11 o'clock

2018/01/31 update